Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 17:Nearing the End and 15 Minutes!

It feels like it had been forever since I last went to Vals class. She definitely pushed me hard! During triangle pose, she walked over and asked me to stretch my arms in opposite directions. I did it!

One thing I noticed is that when I need to do forward bending, I can get my head past my knees. Before, on a good day, I could touch my forehead to the top of my knee cap. Now I can get my head between my kneecap and shin.

I sat for 15 minutes today! Val had to cut me off- I could have kept going! I also noticed that I can straighten my back and lift my chin up without losing my balance. This is HUGE because at first I had to stay very still to keep my balance.

I have one more class to go. Friday is a busy day so I plan to write a long reflection next week.

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